Hookah Models

Supreme Brands

Maklaud  hookah is completely made of stainless steel. The classic appearance of the device is complemented by a brass decorative element.Steel – AISI 304 (resistant to oxidation and high temperature).The height of the device is 700 mm. There is a built-in diffuser (non-adjustable). The inner diameter of the shaft is 14 mm.

The MAGNUM TRADI was made of brass and has a 24-carat gold-plated charcoal plate, which goes perfectly with the brass look. The base is from the premier class: Bohemian crystal glass decorated with real gold leaf. Czech masters of glass art make MAGNUM bases by hand. The glass body is mouth-blown and then processed, so that every base is really unique.The unique design combines the traditional water pipe culture with the modern.

Premium Brands

At first glance, it is clear that they designed this hookah to satisfy even the most demanding pipe maker. The golden GOAT is 55 cm high, and like the mouthpiece, it is made of robust stainless steel. The downstream end of the thread diffuser is made of aluminum and uses a closed chamber system, which allows you to blow smoke in one breath.


This hookah has a laconic and elaborate design for work under the harshest conditions.
Optionally adjustable airflow, fixed charcoal tray, stainless steel body with a special durable coating, magnetic hose port.
Hoob Go On Gold shows you how technologies and experience can bring hookah experience to the new level of pleasure and comfort.

Sky Hookah is a Russian brand specialized in the manufacture of steel shisha of very high quality.The Sky Hookah shisha is made in Russia from V2A stainless steel. The quality of manufacture and the accuracy of the finishes of the Sky Hookah makes this shisha true model of exception.The plunger of the Sky Hookah shisha has an unscrewable diffuser to switch from a fluid draw to a heavier and traditional draw.